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The Cocoon Hunting Hammock has been field tested and proven successful by many hunters. Below are a few pictures and reviews. Send us your success stories with the Cocoon.

"I heard about the Cocoon Hunting Hammock from a buddy of mine and decided to give it a try this year. Needless to say I was very pleased with the results I killed a great turkey this year. One of the greatest things about the Cocoon is you could sit all day and not get soar or tired. My legs would always get soar or fall asleep while sitting on the ground but not any more. The Cocoon also gives you great cover, it looks like a tree or stump sitting in the woods. I had a great experience with the Cocoon and I recommend it for all hunters."

- anonymous 

"The Cocoon Hunting Hammock is the most comfortable hunting blind I have ever used. I am an avid bow hunter and the Cocoon gives me that extra advantage to get closer to the wildlife and sit for longer periods of time. It provides great cover and has great stability when drawing back a bow. Its design also allows me to rest my arm inside the corner of the Cocoon allowing me to hold my draw much longer. I used the Cocoon during turkey season and have never seen a blind that allows you to get so close to turkey without them getting nervous. I highly recommend the Cocoon Hunting Hammock and cannot wait to try it during deer season."

- anonymous 

"Amazing how warm you stay inside the Cocoon." 

- Ron 

" I'll never go to the woods without my Cocoon." 

- Greg 

" It is crazy, but I think I can hang this thing on about any tree out there." 

- Blake 

" It took me a little while to figure the best way to carry the bag and hang the Cocoon on the tree. Putting it up is a breeze now. 
Killed my first turkey out of it at six paces." 

- Steve 

"The last time I went deer hunting it was cold and rainy. All of my hunting buddies were back at camp. I stayed out hunting in my 
Cocoon, nice and warm and dry. I ended up with a nice 8 pointer. They sold three more Cocoons after that weekend." Dylan 
" The best blind available." 

- Robert 

" Turkey hunting, rifle deer hunting and cross bow hunting from the Cocoon is a piece of cake. Bow hunting from the Cocoon is a whole  new challenge. You got to be good." 

- Kirk 

" Real men hunt Face to Face." 

- anonymous 

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