Cocoon Hunting Hammock

The “Cocoon Hunting Hammock” is an innovative new ground blind consisting of a Cocoon outer covering surrounding a hunting hammock chair on a Cocoon hanger which is attached to a tree or branch, all of which is transported in a lightweight bag.

The entire Cocoon system is offered at an introductory price of $200 plus shipping.   Buy Now

The Cocoon and contents weigh approximately 10lbs, is easy to carry with a fast quiet setup and take down. It attaches to varying diameter sized tree trunks or an overhead branch, allowing good selection in setup locations. It has a comfortable, padded rotating seat and see-thru netting giving you 360 degree viewing. The Cocoon’s shape, pop-up hood and water resistant fabric helps  keep you dry. The unique design retains body heat keeping your warm allowing you to wear lighter clothing and decreasing your scent in the environment. The floor helps contain personal items and decreases pest exposure. It has a bungee cord, used as an excellent gun rest and aiming system. It provides great concealment, hiding interior movement and blending well into the environment. It leaves you feeling like your sitting open in the woods by not restricting your vision or hearing like other blinds.

hunting-hammock-1.png hunting-hammock-2.png hunting-hammock-3.png



Cocoon Outer Covering

This is the outer camouflage covering that hangs around the hammock chair. The PowerBark camouflage is an excellent match with the Cocoon system. There is a loop and velcro at the top used to attach it to the hanger and hunting hammock chair. The pop-up hood can be put up or left down when hunting. The zipper in the front with drawstrings at the side to pull it open, allow you to determine your desired amount of viewing and temperature control. There is zip down windows with see-thru netting allowing 360 degree viewing. The floor helps contain personal items and decreases scent in the environment. The Cocoon decreases tick, snake and mosquito exposure. It is rolled up tightly around the hammock chair bar and stored in the bag.



Cocoon Outer Covering  by itself is $120 plus shipping

Cocoon Hammock Chair

The hammock chair has hunters safety orange on one side and camouflage or earth  tone color on the other. The loop of the hammock chair hangs on the Cocoon hanger through the top of the Cocoon outer covering. The adjustable seat height and padded rotating seat make the hunting hammock chair very comfortable. There is camouflage see-thru netting on the bar. There is a bungee cord that provides an excellent gun rest and aiming system for rifle and crossbow hunting. The hammock chair can be removed from the Cocoon covering and used by itself for hunting or for other recreational activities. Do not exceed 250lbs of weight in the Cocoon hammock chair.

chair-1.png chair-2.png chair-3.png
Cocoon Hammock by itself is $40 plus shipping


Cocoon Hanger

The Cocoon hanger is a light weight metal devise with an attached strap and “S” hook. It is used to attach the Cocoon to a tree trunk or overhanging branch. It allows attachment to most any size tree trunk, with the ability to select your desired seat height. It is important to select a tree or branch capable of supporting ones weight.

Proper use is important so follow the instructions carefully. One can become quite adapt with the Cocoon hanger allowing great selection, mobility and fast set up of the Cocoon.

Cocoon Hanger by itself is $35 Plus shipping


Cocoon Bag

The bag is used to store and transport the components of the Cocoon. It is camouflage on the outside and hunter safety orange on the inside. It is reversible for safety during firearm season. The bag carrying strap can be used as a single strap or split for backpack type transport. The bag is lightweight, about 10lbs, with a drawstring at the top to safely keep the rolled up Cocoon, chair and hanger inside. It can also be placed on the ground to provide a comfortable seat.

Cocoon Bag by itself is $30 Plus shipping

The entire Cocoon System (outer covering, chair, hanger, bag) is offered at an introductory price of $200 plus shipping. 
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