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Welcome to Stringer Outdoors LLC the founder and premier provider of the Cocoon Hunting Hammock. The patented Cocoon Hunting Hammock provides the latest technology in ground blind hunting. The hunting blinds are ideal for bow hunting, gun hunting, wildlife observing or recreational seating. This new style of ground blinds makes it one of the most innovative, versatile and mobile blinds on the market. The Cocoon is ideal for deer hunting, turkey hunting, elk hunting, water fowl hunting or any small game hunting. This innovative new hunting blind consists of an outer camouflage covering, surrounding a hunting hammock chair on a Cocoon hanger which is attached to a tree or an overhead branch. The Cocoon blind is lightweight, easy to carry, fast set up and take down and blends in naturally with the environment. It has a comfortable, padded rotating seat that can be adjusted for personal comfort. The shape, pop-up hood and water resistant camo fabric helps keep you dry. It retains your body heat keeping you warm and decreases your scent in the environment. The zip down windows with see-thru netting allow for 360 degree visibility. It provides great concealment, hides interior movement and blends well into the surroundings, yet it feels like your sitting open in the woods.

Our ground blinds are designed by avid hunters and have been proven successful in the field. Our primary goal at Stringer Outdoors is to help you have a more comfortable, convenient, and successful hunting experience. Thank you for visiting  Stringer Outdoors and happy hunting.

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Here are a few comments about the cocoon.

  • "I heard about the Cocoon Hunting Hammock from a buddy of mine and decided to give it a try this year. Needless to say I was very pleased with the results I killed a great turkey this year."
  • "The Cocoon Hunting Hammock is the most comfortable hunting blind I have ever used. I am an avid bow hunter and the Cocoon gives me that extra advantage to get closer to the wildlife and sit for longer periods of time."